Youtube become more „social“

The new Youtube app will soon offer something we’ve only seen in the correspondence apps – the ability to share a video with 30 friends and comment on it at the same time as chat. They think it will enable easier, faster, and more fun sharing of video on a smartphone, as it stands on the official blog of Youtube and added that video sharing over another applications is still available. This option was introduced in the test group of users in mid-last year, and should now become available worldwide, writes Youtube has come to the conclusion that the videos from their service are massively shared by correspondence applications and they wanted to keep a “part of the cake” for themselves. In addition to creating groups, commenting and sharing, Youtube prepares new features like video sharing, which will allow users to cordlessly comment on the event in the video or on their smartphone’s screen

The new option is very easy to use, which will attract users, but it is questionable how much they want to use another messaging application, even if it was within another application.