kuda-ide-printSynchronized with the immense grow of digital platforms and internet as a medium, the print media is faced with big problems and is forced to find another business solutions to be competitive in the future.  Just in Bosnia and Herzegovina some of very influential weeklies as Reporter and Slobodna Bosna, and dailies such as Press RS, Faktor and San were forced to stop their printed versions.

But, our market is no different than the biggest one –American. So we witnessed some of very traditional dailies as Seattle Post or the Arizona’s “Tucson Citizen” stopped issuing and the famous

“Detroit News” started a three days rhythm. In United Kingdom almost all newspaper reduced the stuff number and it is expected that almost all will radical cut the circulation.

This trend pushed the publishers to go on on-line platforms, so called e-paper and try to keep the readership. The one who opted to stay “traditional” are reducing the circulation and going more to specialized issues. Within the industry, there is little consensus on the best strategy for survival. Some pin their hopes on new technologies such as e-paper or radical revisions of the newspaper, others, like a recent cover story in Time magazine, have advocated a system that includes both subscriptions as well as micro-payments for individual stories, some of them still believe in the brand value of newspaper and consumer trust built over the decades.