Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is essentially an advertising method by which a number of customers or users, recommend a special offer or service in a way to attract their attention directly, primarily through the Internet. In viral marketing, special attention is focused on a unique approach to customers and the transfer of compelling messages. The term “viral” primarily comes from the field of medicine. Analog like virus informations travel rapidly from person to person, almost causing an epidemic information, offers and services from a company with the aim of rapid expansion. In recent years, viral marketing has become an integral part of the Internet, especially on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , YouTube and other major networks. When we talk about viral marketing is there are active and passive viral marketing.


Active viral marketing

When we talk about active viral marketing, there exist more options with regard to advertising messages that can spread very easily. On the web they often appear in the form of products or messages indicating “to recommend to friends via e-mail”. In many cases today’s internet society is offering such options. Social networks such as Facebook or Xing offer users the option to invite friends or business partners who work together with them to share some facilities and thereby share their products, services, opinions and attitudes. The user is thus partly unconsciously, and sometimes consciously a brand ambassador for the company or the person responsible for the content.

Active viral marketing also means that the user will be asked to aggressively spread the message about the product or services, and users are often encouraged to do so with the attituted to receive awards for that. However, if the process is open and there is no character limit, viral marketing campaigns can be easily converted into “spam”.


Passive viral marketing

In passive viral marketing, advertising messages, and service offerings are sent periodically. A classic example of this is the free e-mail services, such as or When sending e-mails in the signature is automatically added advertising – “Free e-mail address ….”.

Generally, viral marketing can be a very effective way to attract a lot of attention and interest, and it is not as easy as it seems at first glance, but it is feasible. An important factor to be considered in viral marketing is its ability to bring benefits in the form of an actual increase sales of products or services. Many campaigns that become viral can attract a lot of attention and visits to the web-site, but also generate a small conversion and sales.


A little reminder – what is needed for a successful viral campaign:

  1. Strategy and creating ideas that are able to expand
  2. Creation of custom content (video, micro-site, etc …)
  3. Finding the best viral channels and target groups, understanding their interests and connections
  4. Launch viral campaigns on selected channels – blog, social network …
  5. The use of web analytics and monitoring of key parameters of the success of the campaign, including traffic, downloads, posts and the conversion rate, in order to execute appropriate improvements where necessary.