Toothpaste as a part of oral hygiene is an essential part of human hygiene, and is used by almost all people. Except the fact toothpaste is mechanically removing the plaque, it has a hygienic effect, removes bad breath and also prevents from caries.

According to the latest data almost everybody in B&H uses toothpaste, but 88, 5% more than once daily. Due the very high usage, the consumers cannot be diversified by specific social –demographic characteristics.

Up to 91% of the users presume toothpaste refreshes the breath, and prefer herbal taste. Whitening toothpaste is not users’ first choice. Most of the consumers are not buying specialized toothpaste in the pharmacy, and 50% of them are using additionally mouthwash.

Most of the consumers consider the brand as very important, so we can conclude it’s a brand loyal category.

Aquafresh is the category leading brand, used by 60 % of consumers between 15 – 64 years, followed by Colgate and Signal.

In the first ten months of 2016 category media investments are on the similar level as last year, even some of the advertisers are reducing or completely stopping media activities (Kaladont, Miradenta) , others are investing more (Lacalut,Signal, Sensodyne) .

GSKs brand Sensodyne is the category leader, followed by Signal (Unilever). Category is active throughout whole year, slightly peaking in periods March – June and September – November.