New way to share on YouTube

Google announced a new function “Super Chat” as a substitute for Fun Funding, which did not make good results, otherwise Google’s expectations. It is designed as an additional connection between the users and creators of content. This paid function allows users to publish individual messages at the top of the chatbox up to 5 hours. The longer message stay at the top, the more you’re going pay at the end.

This function is currently still in beta and only supports channels such as Alex Wassabi and iHasCupquake. Public availability is expected on Jan. 31.

Additionally, YouTube has new messaging service, which is available for all Canadian users of the app on iOS or Android. Service, which looks similar to WhatsApp or Messenger, allows sending links, images and videos. Once the test phase is over, it is expected that this feature is extended to the rest of the world.

Soon all the major social networks look like each other. It is hard to decide, isn’t it?