FACEBOOK – A new model of buying advertising space available in B&H!


Facebook has finally made available the new model of buying advertising space for B&H, and the region. Is gives you the possibility to lease the predicted range (reach) and to control the frequency.
Having in mind the popularity of social networks, and the effects of advertising on the same, this model is recommended in cases where advertisers want to reach more than 200,000 different people (unique users) per campaign, to achieve coverage for the whole country, and accurately predicted the reach of the campaign or very precisely control the frequency.
The new model of leasing is available for the following campaigns: brand awareness, reach, promoting mobile applications, promote posts, video, increase visits to the site and collect different types of data.


Facebook is a social network that was founded in 2004. To date, this innovation has changed many areas of daily life – how we communicate with people, how we collect information, how we express our views and feelings. Facebook is definitely a channel of communication that has been recognized as a very influential and important. By October 2012. the number of users of this network has reached 1 billion, and on the 28th of August 2015. it was announced that the number of users in that day reached 1 billion. Every seventh inhabitant of the planet is actively using Facebook on a monthly basis. 48% of users older than 18 access Facebook on their mobile device. That the world’s most popular social site is also one of the most popular in our country states the fact that 28.36 percent of the total population and 90.95 of the online community in B&H use Facebook. According to Socialbakers, 54% of Facebook users in B&H are men and 46% women. The most common age group of Facebook users is 18-24 years – 31% of them, the smallest age group is of those aged over 55 years – only 4%.